Collection: Amber with Insects and other Invertebrates

Insects and other small invertebrates such as arachnids and snails are the most iconic amber inclusions. Fossils of small land dwelling invertebrates are usually incredibly rare and poorly preserved making these pristine creepy crawlies the absolute best window into the tiny world of organisms that lived along side the larger beasts of the past as well as their evolution. Most invertebrates in amber are small almost microscopic insects such as flies no more than a millimeter or two. Larger invertebrates like beetles, spiders, and snails are much rarer. Even larger creatures like Dragonflies, large spiders, cockroaches, and centipedes have been discovered and are among the most sought after fossils for their incredible rarity and the beauty of these creatures perfectly preserved for millions of years while looking like they could crawl out of the stone at any moment!
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