About Me

Hi, I’m Jako!

Pic of me - Jako

Welcome to Jako’s Fossil Emporium! My goal on this site is to make the wonders of paleontology accessible to everyone. Both with quality fossils at low prices and with tidbits of advice on how to engage in paleontology! 

From the age of 4 and quite possibly earlier I wanted to be a paleontologist and unlike everyone around me I never grew out of it. I have a Bachelor of Science in geology from the University of Houston and was a volunteer docent (hopefully I can go back after the pandemic!). I planned on going to grad school, but life happened in ways that I would rather not share with strangers on the internet and so that never happened.

Not giving up, I decided to pursue paleontology in other ways, primarily opening my own fossil-based business and working on my own independent research. Most of my paleontology knowledge is self-taught through research, experience, and becoming friends with other paleontologists. I’ve always enjoyed helping others learn about fossils and paleontology. Teachers at UH would ask ME about the fossils that were found on field trips.

I offer a variety of educational collections with detailed fact sheets geared specifically to help learn and understand our prehistoric past as well as dig kits with authentic fossils and sediment from world renowned formations so anyone can experience some the best fossil sites in the world from the comfort of their home! 

Of course I also offer beautiful, top quality specimens that even the most discerning collector would be proud to own! As someone who has spent nearly my entire life collecting fossils, I know what it’s like to be a buyer. If I list a fossil on this website, you have my word that it will be at a price I would be happy to pay for such a specimen and with every detail I can provide. 

Every item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which includes information such as the species, age, and location the specimen was found. I combine shipping on all orders. 

Accuracy and honesty are VERY important to me. I personally make sure all information, including taxonomy, is up to date.

If a fossil has ANY repair, restoration, or alteration I make sure this information is displayed prominently so that you will know exactly what you are getting. 

Aside from fossil merchandise, I post information on paleontology, fossil collection and identification, and guiding people at fossil locations.

I’m always happy to help with questions, so feel free to contact me!